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Question: Why am I getting an error message that says, "Authentication Failed"?

Answer: This indicates that you have entered your information incorrectly during setup.

Your 'Account' username and your 'Password' are both case-sensitive. Please go back and look at your setup instructions, and be sure to enter your 'Account' username and your 'Password' exactly as shown. (Your password is always in all lower-case letters)

For Example: Let's say your 'Account' username is Johndoe@gmail.com

Correct: Johndoe@gmail.com must be entered with a capital 'J' followed by all lower-case letters.

Incorrect: Entering johndoe@gmail.com OR JohnDoe@gmail.com OR JOHNDOE@GMAIL.COM, etc. will NOT work, and you'll get the "Authentication Failed" error message.

(Also be sure that you always enter your server ip addresses with the decimal points included and no spaces, eg:

Check back soon -- we'll be updating this section as needed.

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